Image of Elizabeth Serna, July 2021

Hey there! I’m Elizabeth (Liz), and I am a freelance writer, Photographer, Podcast Producer, Host, aspiring author, and Queen of the Nerds! This website at elizabethserna[dot]com is meant to be a hub for all things me, from my wildly popular podcast, Nerdy Bitches Podcast, to my freelance writing and fun animal photos, everything is here! Please bear with me since I am still building out the site.

I love podcasts. Not necessarily listening to them, though I do love that, but making them happen! I am the co-host of Nerdy Bitches Podcast, which began January 2015, so we consider ourselves the hot aunts of the podcasting world.. I also work as an audio editor and podcast producer, for both our show and for my clients. if you have ever thought about a podcast or just want to make yours sound better, shoot me a message! I would love to chat!

I am also a writer, blogger, and aspiring author. I am working on my first book, a funny memoir about my first marriage and it’s eventual downfall (see the Author Liz Serna tab above for more). I also love writing on just about anything, so I am always keeping my eyes open for opportunities. I am also a kickass developmental and copy editor! I worked for many years in training & development, creating course content, and also worked as a copy editor and instructional designer for DeVry University, so spotting errors, plot holes, and anything else you feel you are missing comes second nature (it’s almost annoying, TBH).

I am also a professional photographer. Can you tell I like creative things?? I really love shooting nature and wildlife (the fairly tame kind…you can keep your lions!), but family portraits pay the bills. You can check out my work above. If you are local and want to talk about a shoot, let me know.

The site is still under construction, but I will soon have prices and whatnot available for different service packages. In addition to everything mentioned above, I work in social media management, some graphic design, Editing (Audio/Photo/Writing), and backend podcast production/Coaching. Stay Tuned! In the meantime, you can always message me for a direct quote on your project.

For the boring stuff about me, I have a Masters Degree in Behavioral Science (specializing in industrial organizational Psychology) from University of Houston – Clear Lake and worked in Human Resources, (I write resumes & cover letters!) Organization Development (my fave!), and Training & Development for many years in nonprofits, healthcare, government, Transportation, and Construction. I love working with people and helping them succeed. I currently live outside of Houston, Texas with my favorite husband and our three adorable puppers!